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Mixed news for older workers  [22nd February 2019]

While the predicted shortfall in numbers in the UK labour market has long been documented, so too has the importance of the older worker. So it was good news this week when the recent labour market figures published by the Office for National Statistics revealed that the over 50s have made up nearly 80% of the total employment growth over the last 10 years and by 2025, will account for 1 in 3 of the working population. But it is widely acknowledged that companies need to do more to retain, train and support these older workers, many of whom will have caring responsibilities and may be part of the sandwich generation. If you are in this bracket and struggling to cope, talk to your employer - it is far easier, quicker and cheaper for them to help you than it is to recruit and train a new member of staff. The chances are that you are more valuable to them than you think - so please give them a chance to help you and ultimately help their business too.

Ageing is inevitable ...  [3rd January 2019]

Reading the press, we can all be excused for having a glass half-empty outlook regarding our prospects in an ageing society in 2019: less funding, less benefits, less carers (post Brexit?) ... against more demand, more bed-blocking and more prejudice in the workplace and life in general. But thankfully people like Carl Honore take a different approach and in his book "Bolder: making the most of our longer lives" (Dec. 2018) seeks to change perceptions and encourages people to age well. While the press largely talk of the need for Government, the NHS, local authorities and housing providers to do more, Honore puts the onus on the individual... early on ... helping his readers to re-think and enjoy the process. For his 12 steps to promote happiness in later life ...

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